Ithacan Immigrant: Paula


This week’s Ithacan Immigrant features Paula, a Costa Rican national who is taking the steps to become a US citizen.  We first met Paula when she accessed our legal immigration services in 2013 in order to file an application to become a legal permanent resident.  She then returned this fall to access our citizenship services.    Paula also interned with ISP and is interested in pursuing practicing immigration law as a career.


ISP: Why did you come to the US?

I came here to visit my aunt and uncle and then eventually began to attend school.

ISP: Why did you decide to live in Ithaca?

Because this is where my relatives lived.

ISP: What was your first impression of Ithaca?

It reminded me a lot like my hometown, San Carlos.  I thought is was very green and everyone was friendly. 

ISP: What is your favorite American food?

My husband’s grandma’s foods – collard greens, fried chicken, mac and cheese, and banana pudding. 

ISP: Where is your favorite place to shop in Ithaca?

Wegman’s – it’s the only place you can find the closest food to Costa Rican foods.  I buy yucca, plantains, Maggie, and good Costa Rican coffee.

ISP: What is the biggest difference between Ithaca and your home town?

The weather and the food. The weather here is a lot more extreme.  It’s extremely hot in the winter and extremely cold in the summer.  In San Carlos, it’s hot but we always have a breeze.  As far as the food, I grew up waking up at 5:00 am every day and my Mom always had breakfast ready.  She had rice and beans and platanos and a slice of cheese.  Over there we always had a big breakfast, a big lunch and then coffee in the afternoon with bread or tortillas.  Here, we are busier and have less time to prepare meals like my mom does in Costa Rica. 


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