Ithacan Immigrant: Eh K’Pru


This week’s Ithacan Immigrant features Eh K’Pru who came to the U.S. as a refugee from Burma in 2013.  She is currently working on her GED and plans on attending college at TC3 to study English and then pursue a career where she can work with children.  Eh K’Pru, her mother, and brother came to Catholic Charities to get assistance with applying to be U.S. citizens.  We wish all of them good luck with completing their path to citizenship.


ISP: Why did you come to US?

Because I wanted freedom and to study.

ISP: Why did you decide to live in Ithaca?

My cousins live here and they told us if we came to the U.S. to live near them because it was nice.

ISP: What was your first impression of Ithaca?

I liked that there were a lot of parks, there’s a lot of nature, the people are very kind in Ithaca and the education is very good.

ISP: What is your favorite American food?

Pepperoni pizza – but I only eat it sometimes, not everyday.

ISP: Where is your favorite place to shop in Ithaca?

I usually shop at Walmart.  I like to look for clothes there and shop for food.

ISP: What is the biggest difference between Ithaca and your home town?

I don’t really know about Burma because I was too young.  I remember being in the refugee camp in Thailand – it was very nice and I enjoyed going to school.  I went to school with a lot of friends and we learned a lot of things.  We had 7 classes: math, science, history, Burmese culture, Karen culture, geography and just a little bit of English.  School here is totally different.  Here I studied English, math and global studies.  I got too old to finish school so now I’m working on GED.



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  1. Jacquilyn Cham Baton

    Sir/Ma’am, Good morning, how to become one of an immigrant in your country? Can you help me what to do.Thank you.

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